Modern Masters: Iraqi works from the modernist era


Iraqi works from the modernist era

10 January - 28 February 2018

This January Meem Gallery celebrates the start of 2018 with a group exhibition of modernist Iraqi paintings. Including rare works by Faeq Hassan, Jewad Selim, Dia Azzawi, Ismail Fattah, Khadem Hayder and Shakir Hassan Al Said, the exhibition highlights these early masters and second generation pioneer artists, whose careers continue to influence artists in Iraq and throughout the diaspora.

Highlights include an exceptional example of Jewad Selim’s work, a figurative painting from 1957 in light pastel tones, featuring a female figure in a domestic setting. This rare work has not been seen publicly in many years, and is accompanied by an undated work on paper by the same artist. (Press please request image post 10 January as it is not currently included in the dropbox link)

Another highlight is the early work on board by Ismail Fattah from 1961 – produced while he was still studying at the Academia di Bella Arti in Rome. Titled “To Lisa from Ismael” on the reverse in the artists hand, the work features a couple embracing and shows a rare example of his early style*.

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