Hamza Bounoua


23 November -– 14 December 2008

Hamza Bounoua's work displays a particularly unique approach to the use of the Arabic letter in contemporary art as he uses plexiglas in the execution of works. Inspired by the North African glass-painting technique Mareedeen, originally practised in Tunisia and Morocco as window painting, Bounoua paints and etches onto the reverse-side of perspex, creating a glossy veneer for the surfaces of his pieces. With his art, however, Bounoua aims to create a universal visual language, drawing inspiration from a medley of cultural traditions, including the art of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, Berber calligraphy, African tribal masks, totemic figures, graffiti, and East Asian and Arabic penmanship.

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Arab Print


20 October 2008

This exhibition presents a collection of prints by modern Arab artists Mona Saudi, Nja Mahdaoui, Ali Omar Ermes, Laila Shawa and Jamal Abdul Rahim. The exhibition includes the complete sereis of Mona Saudi's well known Petra Tablets series, the prints from the Red Square series by Mahdaoui, Shawa's Walls of GazaFairuz by Abdul Rahim and Harf Al Kaf (held in the Islamic collection of LAMCA, Los Angeles) and Blue Haa by Ali Omar Ermes. All the work exhibited in Arab Print have been produced using the screenprint technique, a form of lithography. Further collections of Arab Print will include the work of Dr Ahmed Moustafa, Dia Azzawi, Mohammed Melehi, Rafa Nasiri, Issam El Said and leading Arab artists and printmakers.

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Summer Exhibition 2008


28 June – 15 September 2008

Working in partnership with the American University of Dubai and Zayed University, and working with selected students from American University of Dubai, Zayed University and the American University of Sharjah, we have been able to bring together for the first time in the history of the United Arab Emirates a collective exhibition highlighting the art work of the leading talents of the universities of the UAE.

The Summer Exhibition is the culmination of an idea that has now turned into a programme. The journey started in early 2007 when the faculty heads of AUS, AUD and ZU sat down together at Meem Gallery in order to discuss showcasing the work of their leading graduates and existing students. This meeting was mutually organized by Mark Pilkington of AUS, Mike Bray of AUD, Janet Bellotto of Zayed University and Charles Pocock of Meem Gallery. The idea that was born was how to bring the students together and how to encourage them to be more competitive in the arts, and above all how to make them interact with each other and each other's work for the betterment of their work and the art scene in the UAE.

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Abdullah Al Muharraqi


30 April – 12 June 2008

Abdulla Al Muharraqi is recognized as being the founding father of modern Arab art in the Gulf. Born in Bahrain, his work is held in the highest esteem by the leading collectors throughout the GCC.  His work embodies the Arabian Peninsula like no other - chronicling the movement in time from yesterday to today. His paintings exhibit a level of raw emotion not exhibited by any other artist from the Gulf. He believes his paintings tell you more than words ever could. Qatar has honoured Abdulla Al Muharraqi with a hall devoted to his work in the Museum of Modern Arabic Art. He is the only Arab artist to recieve such an honour.

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Naseem by Meem


2 – 25 April 2008

Meem Gallery brings together the work of Ali Omar Ermes and Nja Mahdaoui in a joint exhibition that celebrates each artist's exploration of the Arabic letter. In 2006, the British Museum presented the exhibition Word into Art in London, launched in Dubai in 2008, a show which displayed contemporary works that represented different interpretations of Arabic and Farsi letters. Naseem explores this theme further but with greater focus on art production from North Africa. Each artist explores the letterword from a different perspective - Ali Omar Ermes focuses on the literal meaning of the letter and words, while Nja Mahdaoui explores the formal appearance of Arabic letters, constructing compositions that are extremely detailed but illegible.

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Ismail Acar


29 January – 26 March 2008

Ismail Acar's paintings draw in the wandering eye and then capture it in scenes where the East meets the West. History seems to find a contemporary place where modernized paintings capture culture and religion taking care to be most expressive. Known for his generosity as much as his artistic talent, Ismail Acar has donated one-part of all of his income from his artistic exhibitions since 2001 to various charities and organizations. His exhibitions include displays in Geneva, Prague, Switzerland, Japan and Paris among various others. His more notable exhibitions include the 1991 Exhibition for the Benefit of Homeless Children and the 1994 Youth and Art Gallery Exhibition in the 1994 BP Exhibition in Istanbul. In 1999, he was the subject of a highly acclaimed documentary by Executive Serpil Boydak where his work and life were highlighted. Ismail Acar's paintings are held in private collections around the world including Europe, Mexico, Canada, America, Russia, Ukraine, China, Korea and Japan.

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Jamal Abdul Rahim


10 December 2007 – 18 January 2008

A member of the Bahrain Arts Society, Abdul Rahim works in a range of a media and has produced twenty-five livres d'artiste. He has participated in group exhibitions in the Middle East, Europe and East Asia since 1992 and has had eleven solo exhibitions in Arab countries since 1999. His awards include the 2nd Prize of the 4th Biennial of Sharjah, 1999; the Jury Prize in the 3rd Egyptian International Print Triennial, 1999; and first prizes in Mini Print Internationals in Spain and Argentina, both in 2005. His works are in private and public collections in the Middle East and Spain. He lives and works in Bahrain.

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